Meeting your needs by getting proactive in schools, workplaces and communities. NACTATR offers three services that put the people in the community in control. Our services align resources so that proactive actions can be taken. Each service establishes processes that align, manage and reduce the threat of violence and facilitate the response to trauma.

The services we offer:
Violence Threat Risk Assessment (VTRA) A multi-agency process for enhancing community-based teams to assess the actual dynamics of violence by teaching data collection, behavioral analysis and the requirements for case-specific intervention.

Traumatic Event Systems (TES) Model of Trauma Response: A training-based approach that teaches proven methodologies for dealing with the impact of trauma on individuals in schools, workplaces and communities.

Threat Assessment, Crisis & Trauma Intervention Collaboration Software (TACTIC): An easy-to-use, cloud-based technology tool that digitizes VTRA and TES incidents and case-specific data to allow all relevant variables to be shared, assessed and monitored in real time.

The combination of these services aims to reduce violence and trauma through training, technology and support.

Violence Threat Risk Assessment (VTRA)
Traumatic Event Systems (TES) Model
Crisis & Trauma Intervention Collaboration Software (TACTIC)

"I cannot say enough about the good work of Kevin Cameron and the North American Center for Threat Assessment & Trauma Response. The VTRA model has completely transformed the way we respond to potential threats in our schools and communities. Level 1 and 2 VTRA training is a powerful shared learning experience for school staff and community partners"

Brea Malacad: Psychologist and Wellness Consultant; Elk Island Catholic Schools

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