Threat Assessment, Crisis & Trauma Intervention Collaboration Software (TACTIC)

(TACTIC) software is a cloud-based software solution that allows multiple stakeholders to assess, intervene and manage at-risk individuals and groups in a consistent data-driven framework.

Through an easy-to-use interface TACTIC is a human-assisted technology tool that digitizes VTRA and TES incidents. This allows real-time information sharing and data assessment to facilitate rapid intervention and a coordinated, comprehensive action plan.

TACTIC is built to meet secure technology and privacy standards, offering 99.9% uptime as it uses the Amazon Web Service Cloud Platform in Canada and the US. Additional social monitoring services are available for digital violence threat assessment.

TACTIC is optimized across three formats:

  • Web – Through a secure web portal, users login and access VTRA/TES case files on their dashboard.
  • Portal – Partners can share information and collaborate to rapidly resolve and de-escalate issues.
  • Mobile – Stakeholders in the field can access alerts, notifications, data and follow-ups in real time.