Meeting your needs by getting proactive in schools, workplaces and communities. NACTATR offers three services that put the people in the community in control Our services align resources so that proactive actions can be taken


TrustCare (patent pending) is a scalable health and communication platform with a mobile app and enterprise web software that supports the safe re-opening of schools and worksites.

The speed with which the COVID-19 virus is spreading has left public health officials and governments across the globe racing to catch up. Thousands of citizens find themselves under self-quarantine orders but with very little guidance as to what that means. Patent Pending TrustCare is technology built on the Outreach framework to connect data points for organizations and individuals to share helpful resources, make informed decisions, support contact tracing, and see trends and flareups, before flareups become hotspots.

What is TrustCare? How does it help?
TrustCare is a software management platform with a mobile app to help individuals, public health agencies, and employers. Help detect flareups before and during an outbreak. Manage information and process flow before systems are overwhelmed. Support individuals and organizations through communication. The system specifically supports self-assessment, selfcheck- ins, and efficient connectivity to professionals for individuals, families, frontline healthcare professionals, and with our most vulnerable populations.

Increase capacity of healthcare organizations, government entities, and corporations to help individuals self-quarantine and monitor health in a single scalable software solution.

Collect information from large numbers of individuals in a single system; confirm information from broad spectrum of demographics. Confirm contacts, travel history, and current/ prior whereabouts as well as hot-spotting contacts through locations, home addresses, and affected sites.

Lower the anxiety and improve the mental and physical health of the population at large by connecting people to services at a distance and reassuring individuals with information and assessments.

Crucially distribute training, analytics, information, and best practices across teams and dynamic groups. Provide reliable and dependable information that is easy to understand. Share best practices from and to health workers.

Quickly implemented during a crisis situation, TrustCare and can be ready for the next major crisis event. TrustCare employs traceability, communications, scalable data gathering, geo-hotspotting, and trusted information dissemination. Information gathered can be used for immediate response and long-term analysis and research.