NACTATR provides communities in North America a system that strives to anticipate the threat of violence by individuals against others or themselves, and to reduce the impact of trauma. NACTATR is solely focused on preventing violence and trauma in North America using training, tools and technology.

By using precise methodologies, processes, and human-assisted technology NACTATR puts multidisciplinary professionals and community leaders in control, aligning resources so that proactive actions can be taken. By bringing together police, educational leaders, social workers, mental health experts, and others, worrisome behaviors in schools, workplaces, or organizations can be identified and resolved. In the unfortunate situations where violence has occurred, NACTATR offers a comprehensive adaptive trauma response system that quickly restores stability and helps identify systemic interventions to restore or maintain public trust.

NACTATR has a simple vision: To support agencies and professionals in every community to develop collaborative multidisciplinary teams focusing on early intervention, prevention, and aftermath strategies for crises, trauma, violence, and conflict.

NACTATR was established by J. Kevin Cameron in the aftermath of the Columbine High School shooting in Littleton Colorado and a second school shooting eight days later in Alberta, Canada. Mr. Cameron led the school-based crisis team in Canada and under Secondment with the Alberta Government in 1999 began to develop the VTRA and TES Models. In 2001 NACTATR was formally established.