VTRA: Violence Threat Risk Assessment

VTRA identifies individuals and groups who are moving toward committing serious violence. It decreases the number of community threats and the level of violence. When a suspect is at-risk of committing a serious act of violence, VTRA trainers teach multi-stakeholder teams how to gather appropriate information and to build data-driven assessments.

TES 1: Traumatic Event Systems

TES is a multiple stakeholder model that allows information from several sources to be combined to deliver site-specific support. This allows the creation of a complete view of the impact of trauma on individuals and communities.

TES 2: Traumatic Event Systems

The TES model focuses on understanding the thousands of potential threat-makers that exist in the aftermath of a high-profile traumatic event. TES relies on human skill combined with technology to build systems that protect people and have a positive and lasting impact on society for the long term.

TACTIC: Threat Assessment, Crisis and Trauma Intervention Collaboration Software

TACTIC (patent pending) is a cloud-based software solution that allows multiple stakeholders to assess, intervene and manage at-risk individuals and groups in a consistent data-driven framework. Through an easy-to-use interface TACTIC is a human-assisted technology tool that digitizes VTRA and TES incidents. This allows real-time information sharing and data assessment to facilitate rapid intervention and a coordinated, comprehensive action plan.

NLP: NACTATR Learning Platform

NLP is a private and secure online learning platform to access trainings and take courses. Using a secure interface, NACTATR’s leading-edge content is delivered in the form of modules, videos, and extended training. Dedicated courses are offered, teaching general threat assessment, violence prevention and trauma response. NLP learning is relevant for all community members who are concerned about worrisome behaviors. NLP uses state of the art technology to offer 99.99% uptime.