TES is a multiple stakeholder model that allows information from several sources to be combined to deliver site-specific support The TES model focuses on understanding the thousands of potential threat-makers that exist in the aftermath of a high-profile traumatic event

NACTATR Learning Platform (NLP)

NLP is a private and secure online learning platform used to access trainings and take specialized online courses. Using a secure interface, NACTATR’s leading-edge content is delivered in the form of modules, videos, and extended training.

Dedicated courses are offered, teaching general threat assessment, violence prevention and trauma response. NLP learning is relevant for all community members who are concerned about worrisome behaviors. NLP uses state of the art technology to offer 99.99% uptime.

  • Uses training to increase the capability of multi-stakeholder teams to address all forms of violence
  • Online courses deliver powerful and effective educational experiences for all professionals using VTRA and TES
  • Offering different levels of courses to help professional gain continuing education credits and/or to re-certify on an ongoing basis
  • All technology platforms are supporting allowing secure mobile, tablet and desktop access

NLP has courses and content for users to take advantage of. The secure online platform allows users to take courses and trainings online with an easy-to-use interface that automatically scores examinations and displays results. Video courses and instruction are also available, and NLP will generate completion certificates for courses as soon as they are complete.

For education system employees, parents, front-line staff, police, and corporate managers, simple instructional videos explain how to observe and apply VTRA and TES principles to everyday situations in schools, the home, and the workplace.

"VTRA is the recognized 'Gold Standard' for violence prevention and intervention! Alongside the Toronto Police Service, we are in the midst of providing VTRA Training to over 1000 front line/multi-disciplinary staff from nearly 100 Community Agency Partners that are involved with our F.O.C.U.S Situation Tables. Further, we have found that above the recognized benefits of VTRA, this FOCUS Toronto capacity building has immediately enhanced our operational responses to preventing/countering violent extremism in Toronto."

Detective Brian Smith: Community Partnerships and Engagement Unit, FOCUS Situation Tables Coordinator & Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Coordinator