Meeting your needs by getting proactive in schools, workplaces and communities. NACTATR offers three services that put the people in the community in control Our services align resources so that proactive actions can be taken


Advanced training methods and technology to support your organization in creating a safer and more productive workplace

What WRK Solutions Does
Unresolved internal conflict results in poor morale, sickness, absenteeism, high turnover, lawsuits, and ultimately results in the organization not achieving its goals. WRK Solutions supports the delivery of data-driven assessments and interventions specifically tailored to clarify issues and facilitate communication.

WRK Solutions uses advanced training methods and technology to support organizations in creating safer and more productive workplaces. The comprehensive and unified approach relies on training managers and frontline workers to de-escalate conflict behaviors and uses technology to deliver education and collaboration as well as tracking of situations that may contain conflict or violence.

Train frontline employees, managers, supervisors, and leads to deescalate conflict behaviors with customers, colleagues and management

Introduce human-assisted technology systems that mediate conflict behaviors, coordinate support resources, enhance analysis and facilitate communication

Establish training programs and processes that mitigate material loss and reduce the frequency of conflict behaviors

Deliver a scalable, user-friendly, systems-driven approach to address complexity, size, and company culture

Trained Teams
Trained teams work proactively to mitigate material loss and reduce the frequency of workplace conflict.

Training is research and data-informed combined with intelligent technology to ensure that teams are efficient and ready.

Early Intervention
WRK Solutions focuses on early intervention for violence prevention, threat assessment and trauma response, putting you in control

Your team has a shared understanding, common protocol and they all use consistent variables for assessment and intervention.